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Volunteers from the community welcoming and assisting our newcomer neighbors– that is at the heart of what the JFON ministry is all about! You can be involved in so many ways.

Clinic Day Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have good people skills and an interest in meeting people from foreign lands? Can you provide a warm welcome while at the same time collecting very personal and confidential information? Freq of service: 1 or 2 times per month/10 months per year on a weekday Length of time: 3 or 6 hours (morning or afternoon… or both!)                Apply Today!

Third Wednesday at Genesis United Methodist Church in Fort Worth 





Second Thursday at Arapaho United Methodist Church

Second Saturday at First United Methodist Church Grapevine






Fundraising Support Opportunity

Do you like to work behind the scenes to help maintain and grow project funding? Do you have technical writing skills to assist in grant applications of donor recruitment/management experience to build our support base? Freq of service: Self-Determined Length of time: Flexible Days of Service: Flexible; can work from home

Apply Today!

Education and Advocacy Support Opportunity

Do you have a passion to educate and advocate in support of the immigrant? For lots of details, click on Education and Advocacy above. If any of that sounds like a match, sign up below! Freq of service: Self-determined Length of time: Flexible Days of Service: Flexible

Apply Today!

How Else Can I Help?

  • Reach out to a neighbor in need – Be a neighbor to them… and tell them about JFON DFW!
  • Support JFON DFW with your PRAYERS!
  • Support JFON DFW with a financial or in-kind gift.
  • Encourage your employer or group to make a “matching gift”!