Here is where the S. 744 immigration reform bill is in the legislative process:


The Senate will consider amendments to the bipartisan immigration reform bill as early as Monday, June 10th, and vote on the bill in late June. Key amendments will be considered regarding who is eligible for the path to citizenship, additional border enforcement, and changes that could negatively affect refugees and asylum seekers.

Amendments will be considered very quickly, so it’s important that your Senators hear from you NOW and EVERY DAY until the Senate passes immigration reform! ALL Senators need to hear from their constituents that reform must prioritize family unity and create a clear and accessible pathway to citizenship.

To make your voice heard, simply….

1.     Call 866-940-2439 and follow the prompts of the automated system

2.     Leave a message on your first Senator’s message system (see suggested text below)

3.     After you complete the first call, repeat this process using the same dial-in number. You’ll be automatically connected with your other senator.


Suggested message:

“My name is _______ from [City, Church]. As a person of faith I urge the Senator to do four things:

1.     Vote YES for the bipartisan immigration reform bill, S. 744.

2.     Support a pathway to citizenship that is not tied to border security triggers.

3.     Protect the refugee resettlement program from negative amendments, and

4.     Support amendments to reunite families and make the path to citizenship more accessible.”