Since Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was announced in 2012, JFON – North Central Texas has been on the frontlines. 10 years later we are still here, whether it’s participating in large scale community programs or offering individual representation to all in need.

We are proud to be one of, if not the lowest priced providers in the Dallas Fort-Worth area for DACA renewals. One of our goals throughout these past 10 years has been to make sure that this program is accessible to all, regardless of their income.

 In December of 2021, I got a call inquiring the cost of our fee and the type of representation we offered.  I provided the caller with a consultation and the information they were seeking and set up an appointment to renew their DACA application.

“If we get a new DACA client, I always ask them how they found out about us. In this case, the client was referred by a coworker who had been a client of ours for years. She was interested in making an appointment with us because our fee was much lower than what she normally paid,” said Legal Director Ana Laura Arellanos-Baeza.

This client’s DACA case had nothing unique about it, but her reaction to her experience is worth sharing. Her appointment was scheduled for 4pm for the next day and she was told what items and information she needed to bring to the Grapevine Office. After her appointment ended, she asked me if we had the capacity to handle her sister’s renewal as well.

“I said sure, just have her call the office to make an appointment.” The client replied, “well she’s out in the car.” It was after closing time…and a Friday, but I knew how far they had driven so I told her to call her sister and bring her in.

Our fee may be the reason that the client made the call, but our service and openness is what made her sister our newest client. We will continue to keep affordability of our services as one of our goals as we serve those in need in 2022.