RAICES has launched a program to locate the parents of separated children.   If you are working with a child and trying to find their parent, please use this intake.


We will help locate the parent and provide them with necessary legal resources.   If you already know where the parent is located and want us to provide them legal assistance, please fill out this form. RAICES can provide support through representation through Credible Fear Interviews, Bond Hearing representation and more!  Please note we will be providing a Spanish version of this form soon.

If you are representing a separated parent, and the parent needs assistance with paying their bond, we will be providing a form to be distributed this week. We will have a bond fund application and will be providing assistance to separated parents nationwide. The information will allow us to reach back out to the requestor and work with them on the request..

RAICES has a team of volunteers, pro bono attorneys and their own staff ready to assist these parents and help reunite them with their loved ones!

Please feel free to share! This is a nationwide effort!